USA 2022 Congress Sessions

The Connected Innovation Lab: Building the Lab of the Future – people, process and technology

The benefits of a fully integrated, automated and connected lab are obvious. They include the ability to remotely perform experiments, decrease the rate of error in reproducibility and increase data security and the overall security of the lab. How does the modern life science organization implement a connected lab strategy?

Creating Space for Innovation from Vicky Pirzas, VP Recombinant Product Development, Managing Director R&D, CSL Behring Innovation

  • Lab of the future program at CSL spanning 3 continents
  • The session will also include how robotics, automation and discussion around the type of workforce need for the future

The Digital Lab – Convergence of the Internet and Industry 4.0 from Bob Gantzer, Director of Lab Automation, Beam Therapeutics and David Fuller, CEO & Co-Founder, Artificial

  • Embracing fundamental concepts from Industry 4.0
  • The Connected Lab
  • Laying the foundation for AI technologies

The meeting is chaired by Christopher Waller, VP & Chief Scientist, EPAM and followed by a discussion

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