USA 2022 Congress Sessions

The Digital lab: Digital Transformation in Action

Leading pharmaceutical companies take us through key elements of their research digitalization programs.
How do we transform and maintain systems, data, processes and cross function information architecture to provide a robust information ecosystem that allows us to get more from our data?

Developing a Data and Digital journey for Research in the Lab from Kristen Ferrara, Global Head of Scientific Informatics; R&D/ Vaccines IT and Digital, Takeda

  • Setting the foundation, getting data on the cloud
  • Identifying the now, do we know where we are
  • Choosing the focus, defining the strategy for the future state
  • Driving the transformation, the work to get to the future state
  • Continuous evolution, keeping the labs in the future

Building a comprehensive digital strategy from Adam Wheeler, Customer enablement, Digital solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • Building a comprehensive digital strategy that leads to laboratory orchestration
  • Incorporating digital technologies to achieve a fully connected ecosystem
  • Driving industry evolution and the next set of digital transformation goals

The talks are chaired by Roger Frechette, Principal, New England Pharm Associates

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