Congress Sessions


Keynote: Powering Drug Discovery & Development through Data Science
Mark Borowsky, CIO, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research


Keynote: Digital Transformation & Drug Discovery
Peter Grandsard, Executive Director – Center for Research Acceleration by Digital Innovation (CRADI), Amgen


Keynote: The Lab of the Future: Transforming Scientists into Data Scientists
Diane Wuest, Senior VP, Digital R&D, Sanofi


Keynote: Developing and Integrating Diverse Technologies to Enable and Expedite Drug Discovery & Development
Philip Hajduk, Vice President, R&D Information Research, AbbVie 


Keynote: Creating a Scientific Platform to Support Preclinical Drug Discovery  
John Tallarico, Head, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research



Taking a Data-Centric Approach to Large Molecule Research
Yves Fomekong Nanfack, Director, Head of Operations, Digital Biologics Platform, Sanofi

Applying Data, and Technology in the Development of Novel Therapeutics
Susie Stephens, Corporate VP, Data Management & Infrastructure, Novo Nordisk

Building the Lab of the Future – Data Capture and Access Challenges
Clark Leininger, Digital Process Development, Moderna

Agile Fit for Purpose Infrastructure to support laboratory informatics
Mimika Koletsou, Director, Informatics, Kinnate Biopharma

Developing and Implementing Self-Service Analytics Platforms and Standards
Deepti Chikkam, Director, Product Line Leader, MSD

Accelerating New Medicines by Harnessing the Power of Development Laboratory Data
Leah O’Brien, Senior Product Director, Development Lab Systems, GSK

Revolutionizing the way we Acquire, Share and Gain Insights from Scientific data, through a Community and the Framework for Standardization and Linked Data
Vincent Antonucci, Product Line Leader, Merck & Co

Achieving Operational Excellence in a Lab – Best Practices for Increasing the Quality and Reproducibility of Data and Decreasing Costs with the Right Digital Tool Set-Up
Tobias Wingbermühle, CCO & Co-founder, Clustermarket Ltd

Research Technologies and Unmet Needs – An Introduction to ETC and its collaborative model
Todd Maloney, Executive Director, Eli Lilly & Co
James Vergis, Secretariat, Enabling Technologies Consortium

Designing an Inventory Ecosystem in Research
Kirsten Ferrara, Global Head of Scientific Informatics, R&D Technology, Takeda

How Digital Solutions and AI can Facilitate Workflows and Decision-Making in the Lab
Erik Bierwagen, Director Lab Science Informatics, Genentech

Digitising our Labs to Unleash the Power of Data and AI
Amrik Mahal, Global IT Head for Research, AstraZeneca
Robin Brouwer, IT Lead for Global Labs, Early Science, AstraZeneca

Enabling a Modern Lab Ecosystem through the Adoption of Novel Digital Tools
Pamela Sepulveda, Director Digital Strategy, Pfizer

Reducing the Drug Discovery Life Cycle with Digital Tools
Christos Nicolaou, Director, Digital Chemistry, Recursion

Applying Innovative Platform Solutions to Support Scientists
Mohit Agnihotri, Sr Director, Development Sciences Data & Digital Strategy, AbbVie

Novel Target Discovery and Molecular Design using AI
Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine

Improving Screening by Changing the Approach to Assay Development
Jennifer Heymont, Associate Director, Scientific Informatics, Eisai

Novel Technologies Aiding Translational Bioinformatics and Discovery Research
Shameer Khader, Executive Director, Sanofi


Building the Lab of the Future at Sanofi 
Nivetha Paterson, R&D Transversal Operations Lead, Sanofi

Reimagining the Lab of the Future via a Public-Private Consortium
John Baldoni, CEO, ATOM Consortium
Jim Brase, Deputy Director, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Enabling And Supporting Scientific Informatics For Translational Research Collaborations
Jay Bergeron, Sr. Director, R&D Data Solutions and Engineering, Pfizer

Chemical Management in the Lab of the Future
Joseph Pease, Senior Director, Genentech

Developing a Collaborative Lab Environment to support Start-Ups and Drive Innovation
Michelle Ottey, Managing Director, CIC Labs
Romy Benninga, Head of Medical Affairs, Abionic

Emergent Technologies in Pharmaceutical Enterprise for Better ROI
Bikalpa Neupane, Director, Advanced Technologies & Experimentation, Takeda

Implementing an Automated Compound and Sample Management System at Takeda
Nady Mettias, Head of Global Compound Management and Lab Automation, Takeda

The Lab of the Future in the Manufacturing (QC Release) Domain
John Kelleher, Senior Director, Digital Quality, Pfizer

The Pathways to the Lab of the Future
Mark Burfoot, VP, Senior Partner, Head of Research Procurement, Novartis