At Open Pharma Research, we talk with the Lab of the Future community regularly. In the lead up to this year’s Congress, we will be posting research and interviews and information to give different perspectives on the development of the Lab of the Future.

Sketch-notes created live at Lab of the Future Congress by Jenny Cham.

Jenny Cham, User Experience Design & Sketchnoting in the Life Sciences, Sketchomics

Now available for download

Sketch-notes made by Jenny Cham, live at the Lab of the Future Congress, provide wonderful infographic representation of the challenges and opportunities presented by the Lab of the Future. Taken from
keynote panels they represent the views of leading speakers and audience interaction on significant elements of the Lab of the Future.

– How to get to the Lab of the Future
– Technology of the Future
– Digitalising the Lab of the Future
– Building the Lab of the Future
– Scaling the Lab of the Future

Use these visual aids with your teams to stimulate discussion, inform strategy or benchmark

Download the full set, as a free printable pdf.

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