Speaker profile

Bikalpa Neupane

Director, Advanced Technologies & Experimentation

Dr Neupane is the Director of Advanced technologies and Experimentation group at Takeda Pharmaceuticals. His group provides ‘AI-ML-NLP as a service’ and ‘Experimentation-as a Service’ which includes design and development of POCs/MVPs within Clinical, Non-Clinical, Med Affairs, Document Processing, Summarization, Named Entity Recognition, Invoice Processing, OpenAI, ChatGPT etc. to several Takeda business units and business functions such as R&D, Digital data and Technology, Data Science Institute to name a few. Dr Neupane teaches graduate courses in Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science at Harvard ext, Penn State and Old Dominion University. Previously, he was a member of Natural Language Processing group at IBM Watson and Operating Systems group at Microsoft Corporation. Dr Neupane holds a PhD in Informatics from Penn State University, UP and a magna cum laude from Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Brigham Young University, Utah. He can be reached at twitter: @BikalpaN