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Erin Davis, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Informatics, Schrödinger

Erin Davis

SVP Enterprise Informatics

Erin Davis, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Informatics joined Schrodinger in 2016. She is responsible for the business, science, and development of Schrodinger’s enterprise informatics platform LiveDesign, and has overseen its explosive growth across global pharma. In addition, she leads the Discovery Informatics team to support Schrodinger’s plethora of collaborative and wholly owned drug discovery programs. Prior to joining Schrödinger, Erin held several leadership positions including Head of US Consulting for ChemAxon and Scientific Relations Manager for the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. Before moving to industry, she spent several years in academia researching neurochemical and antimicrobial drug design, leading to many publications and one patent. Erin earned a PhD from the University of Montana in 2006 with a focus on the computational design of CNS compounds.