Speaker profile

Kathryn Chapman

Deputy Director
Milner Therapeutics Institute

Kathryn Chapman is the Deputy Director of the Milner Therapeutics Institute, a dynamic partnership between pharmaceutical companies and academics at the University of Cambridge and associated Institutes. Its mission is to connect the intellectual know-how of entire academic institutions in Cambridge with the drug-developing capacity of the pharmaceutical industry to deliver better therapies. The Research Labs of the Institute will open on the Biomedical Campus in April 2019.

Her interests are in facilitating academic/industry interactions to accelerate drug development. Prior to joining the Milner Institute in February 2016, Kathryn spent ten years at the NC3Rs working with over 40 pharmaceutical companies in the US and Europe in various cross-company data-sharing initiatives to improve scientific and business processes in drug development. While at the NC3Rs, Kathryn founded and directed a new challenge-led open innovation platform, CRACK IT which increases cross-discipline and cross-sector industry/academic partnerships in applied research. Her Ph.D. is in the genetics of osteoarthritis and she has previously carried out research at the University of Manchester, Harvard Medical School, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and GlaxoSmithKline generating transgenic mouse models for drug development and disease modelling.