Speaker profile

Matt Gafencu

Senior Customer Success Manager
Amazon Web Services

Matt has over 22 year’s experience driving new product development in technology for the HCLS space. He has worked at both silicon valley start-ups focused on clinical wearable technologies, and Fortune 50 such as Cardinal Health, where he led their Professional Services organization, and helped commercialize some of the first wirelessly connected medical devices. Over the course of his career he has been to over 1,000 clinical research facilities, hospitals, and labs. Matt is passionate about working backwards from his customers’ needs to drive innovation. He is an internationally recognized speaker on technology, cybersecurity, and HCLS innovations. He has held positions as Marketing Director at Carefusion/BD, Led R&D at Johnson and Johnson brining IoT connectivity to secure platforms in the clinical space. Most recently he has helped Thermo Fisher with massive enterprise moderation of IT, and clinical systems. In his current role he is responsible for developing growth strategies, and seeking out synergies, and integration opportunities in Thermo Fisher Scientific’s 54 global divisions.