Speaker profile

Nick Campbell

Director of Automation Development

Nicholas Campbell is the director of automation development at Recursion, a clinical-stage TechBio company based in Salt Lake City. He holds a master’s degree in biomedical informatics from the University of Utah with an emphasis in data science. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Nicholas has led the development of automation platforms that have significantly increased Recursion’s capacity and capabilities. Nick leads teams comprised of automation, support, and operational intelligence engineers that build and support Recursion laboratory automation infrastructure. This includes the development and support of twenty robotic workcells that are a part of Recursion’s automation platform. In addition to being an inventor on a patent for “Ordered picklist for liquid transfer,” he has also received recognition for his process improvements in the field of biotech, specifically for developing a novel process of plasmid preparations to aid in the sequencing of extremophiles out of the Great Salt Lake. Outside of work, Nicholas enjoys hiking and exploring the Utah mountains.