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Tim Gardner


Tim is a co-founder of the field of Synthetic Biology as noted by the journal Nature. He has been recognized as a technology pioneer by Technology Review, the New York Times, and Scientific American.

He is currently the founder and CEO of Riffyn – a cloud software and scientific services company in Oakland, CA. Riffyn makes machine learning possible in everyday science through its Scientific Development Environment (SDE) – the world’s first Process Data System that serves as a hub for a modular, interoperable, and extensible data ecosystem. With Riffyn’s platform, biopharma organizations can organize data and analysis around scientific process flows and continuously capture and integrate measurement data with process information for cause-and-effect analysis that leads to better decisions and better science.

Tim has a background/core expertise in microbial genetic engineering, microbial physiology, metabolic engineering, systems biology, data mining, statistics, nonlinear dynamics, thermodynamics, biophysics, fermentation process engineering, process engineering, quality systems and technology transfer. He received his BS in mechanical engineering from Princeton University, and his Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Boston University.