Speaker profile

Michael Shanler

Distinguished VP Analyst

Michael is a VP Distinguished Analysts on Gartner’s Healthcare & Life Science CIO Industry team.  He advises clients on digital business transformation and helps with decisions on technologies that support R&D and Manufacturing IT strategy.  Michael helped coin and champion “digital lab of the future” and has extensive knowledge of laboratory informatics, business process, and IT trends. He advises executives on issues extending across the entire value chain – from early R&D all the way through QC and manufacturing.

Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Shanler supervised an R&D engineering staff at BD Biosciences where he was focused on new product development (NPD) and technology development and scientific activities. He drove new initiatives and assessed external technologies and acquisition candidates. He also has experience in developing strategic technology and product roadmaps, leading NPD programs,  managing project teams, marshalling innovation efforts, and driving collaborations. While at Pfizer (formerly Genetics Institute), he gained practical experiences in informatics, data automation, and lab instrumentation for drug discovery.  Michael has a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University and has had several patents issued in the scientific space.  He has lived on four different continents and is married to a university professor with whom he has 3 children. Michael has a passion for travel, cooking, race cars and alpine skiing.