Speaker profile

Pieter J. Peeters

Vice President Discovery Sciences

Pieter is leading the Discovery Sciences team at Galapagos. His team is enabling the small molecule and cell therapy discovery portfolio across oncology, immunology and infectious diseases at GLPG. The team is deploying both wet lab and computational capabilities covering cellular, biochemical and biophysical assay development, high throughput screening, compound profiling, computational biology and computational drug design.

Before joining Galapagos, Pieter spend 24 years at Janssen R&D where he was leading efforts in the search for novel, safe and effective drugs by combining computational and wet lab approaches. He spearheaded the implementation of the Biosignature Platform which combines high throughput high content imaging with artificial intelligence to predict both desired and undesired activities of compounds. The platform is being deployed across the whole small molecule portfolio.

Pieter obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Biological Sciences at the Center for Human Genetics from the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium and graduated as a bioengineer at the same university