Speaker profile

Ryan Ellefson

Director Lab Informatics & Data Analytics, Clinical Research

Ryan Ellefson is the Directory of Laboratory Informatics and Data Analytics at PPD’s GMP Laboratories. Ryan started his career as a synthetic chemist before moving into nutritional analysis, small molecule chemistry, quality assurance, laboratory management, and to his current duties as Informatics management. This breadth and depth of experience developed cross-industry knowledge of client needs. In addition, these experiences led to knowledge of a wide range of Federal and International regulations.

As a leader in Informatics, Ryan has driven his team to serve as the Product Owners for data management systems with the charge to drive data automation, user adoption, and breaking down complexities into simply solutions. With this focus and ownership of not only the applications, but also the process, the team has been able to accelerate beyond normal adoption trends. The goal is to ensure projects and applications deliver industry leading time-to-value benefit realization.