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Terry Mak

Associate Director, Workplace Strategies

Terry is an Associate Director for Workplace Strategies at CBRE. She examines how scientists and researchers are working differently, and how the lab workplace environment is being transformed to meet changing needs. At a time when there is greater scrutiny on spend, increasing competition for talent, and the necessity of innovation to remain competitive – it becomes urgent to reconsider how lab workplaces are delivered. How do you create an experience that promotes, rather than stifles creativity?…Identifies and supports actual needs? Through her work with Johnson & Johnson, Terry brings together an international cross-disciplinary team to create a global lab workplace experience program to respond to these drivers.

Agenda sessions

Day 1

November 13, 2019

  • The Innovation Lab

    • The Innovation Lab
      This stream will focus on bringing the Lab of the Future to life. Enabling collaborations and partnerships, running innovation hubs and creating the physical and business environments for innovation
    • 3:10 pm
      How to build a global lab experience program