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Altuna Akalin

Group Leader
Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine

I’m a bioinformatics scientist and the head of Bioinformatics and Omics Data Science Platform at the Berlin Institute of Medical Systems BiologyMax Delbrück Center in Berlin. I have been developing computational methods for analyzing and integrating large-scale genomics data sets since 2002. I mainly use machine learning and statistics to uncover patterns related to important biological variables such as disease state and type. I spent some time in the USA, Norway, Turkey, Japan, and Switzerland in order to pursue research work and education related to statistics, machine learning and bioinformatics.

The underlying aim of my current work is utilizing complex molecular signatures to provide decision support systems for disease diagnostics and biomarker discovery. In addition to the research efforts and managing a scientific lab, since 2015, I have been organizing and teaching at computational genomics courses in Berlin with participants from across the world.

Agenda sessions

Day 2 | October 2, 2024
16:10 (CEST)
AI Toolkit for Precision Oncology: From Drug Development to Treatment
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