Lab of the Future | How the Concept Has Evolved with Zahid Tharia

New Matter: Inside the Minds of SLAS Scientists

Join our founding director, Zahid Tharia, for a conversation about the evolution of the lab of the future on the SLAS New matter podcast, sponsored by Benchling.

Listen for the major highlights of the recent Lab of the Future Congress in Amsterdam, and a preview of upcoming events in 2024, including the Lab of the Future Congress USA. Tharia encourages a broad audience, including R&D leaders, scientists, lab heads and technology professionals to attend these events, fostering collaboration and innovation in the life science sector.

Key learning points include:
▪ The emergence of the term “lab of the future” and what it means
▪ What concepts and technologies are shaping the future of life sciences research
▪ The rapid advancement of virtual reality and the impact of digital transformation

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