The Congress

The last 12 months have seen our industry addressing one of the biggest public health challenges in recent memory. Incredible advances have been seen in the way we drive research, development and the delivery of much needed therapeutics at scale and at pace. These advances have had a profound effect on the nature of collaborative research, the role of new and emerging technologies and the very nature of the modern laboratory.

The Lab of the Future has the potential to unlock great advances in scientific research by harnessing the power of digitalisation and connectivity to drive innovation.

After the success of the ground-breaking launch congress and the innovative Digital Dialogues series, The Lab of the Future is a world leading virtual congress which balances discussion, learning and interaction through a series of modular sessions on the Connected, Digital and Innovation Lab, themed roundtable discussions and networking.

Lab of the Future LIVE brings together leading life science companies and solution providers addressing the cutting-edge research and technology driving the advances in laboratory research impacting us now and in the future.


Digital Lab



We understand that networking with peers, solution providers and potential customers is a key driver to your involvement. Our virtual event platform is configured to maximize interaction between all attendees, speakers and sponsors. Features include:

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"I am promoting this conference to everyone in my company right now. I think it was excellent and very elegant."
UX Designer ChemAxon
"Perfect opportunity for benchmarking and networking."
Senior Scientist, Roche
"Excellent; this has been one of the best conferences that I have attended due to the thought put into the agenda and the number of companies involved"
Principal Scientist, Biogen