The Congress

There are profound changes taking place in life sciences R&D and that change is happening now. Research, driven by technological advances and the move towards the development of precision medicines delivered through collaborative partnerships has changed the very concept of what the lab is.

Central to the success of this changing landscape are the opportunities within the lab as we integrate game changing technologies and innovative thinking in lab design to create the perfect platform and environment for our scientists to deliver the best possible treatments to patients.

“The Lab of the Future Congress conference broke new ground in the way it was delivered and executed. Having attended many life sciences conferences, LOTF really bought its own innovative style to the mix, proving ideal for forward-thinkers in the industry looking to learn. We look forward to the next event.” – Robert Greenwood, CEO & President at SciBite

The Lab of the Future Congress is a unique, large scale, multidisciplinary conference and exhibition. The event will help drive the successful incorporation and integration of new technologies and thinking into the lab that fosters creativity, innovation and medicines discovery and development.




We understand that networking with peers, solution providers and potential customers is a key driver to your involvement. Our virtual event platform is configured to maximize interaction between all attendees, speakers and sponsors. Features include:

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"Perfect opportunity for benchmarking and networking."
Senior Scientist, Roche
"Excellent; this has been one of the best conferences that I have attended due to the thought put into the agenda and the number of companies involved"
Principal Scientist, Biogen
"I am promoting this conference to everyone in my company right now. I think it was excellent and very elegant."
UX Designer ChemAxon