Digital Transformation – Where are we going wrong?

Last week saw the Lab of the Future team host a digital dialogue: ‘Digital Transformation – where are we going wrong?’ Exploring the slow pace of adoption of novel technologies within biopharma R&D’. In this session we aimed to identify….

  • Why biopharma is slower to adopt novel technologies than other industries?
  • What are the biggest barriers to adoption?
  • What strategies can we implement to speed up adoption of novel technologies going forward?

To discuss this topic, I was joined by Dan Thomas, Founder and Managing Consultant at Twenty24 Consulting; Saleha Patel, Associate Principal Scientist – Emerging Innovations Unit, AstraZeneca and Markus Gershater, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Synthace.

Lara Sterritt, Conference Producer, Open Pharma Research

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