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Laura Williams

Discovery Biology Technology Lead

Having developed a career in several lab-based roles across pharma R&D, Laura is now the Technology Lead for Functional Genomics in GSK. Originally trained as a Pharmacologist, her bench career took her from safety & efficacy pharmacology, to DMPK, to HTS, to mechanistic enzymology and finally to product development.  For the last 6 years, Laura has worked across R&D to introduce disruptive improvements and enhanced productivity using technology.   She finds it vital to ask- what scientific questions we are trying to answer?- then apply technology to accelerate those answers.   Outside of work, she loves to study strategy and the application of technology by following Formula 1 motor-racing.

Agenda sessions

Day 2

November 14, 2019

  • The Innovation Lab

    • The Innovation Lab
      This stream will focus on bringing the Lab of the Future to life. Enabling collaborations and partnerships, running innovation hubs and creating the physical and business environments for innovation.
    • 3:40 pm
      Modernising workflows and adopting new technologies for innovation in discovery biology