Unleashing the Power of Digitalisation

What’s so important about digitalisation anyway?

Katrina Costa, MA (Oxon), MSc
Science Writer, Open Pharma Research Ltd. December 2020

Yes, life science companies are embracing the power of digital. There is growing realisation that archaic R&D processes need to be disrupted and reengineered in order to deliver much needed medicines for unmet patient needs. However, digitalisation is about more than just creating data. It’s about not wasting time and resources on trying to access the data, avoiding repeating experiments and ensuring the data is readily available and re-usable.

Digital transformation is even more radical – it involves a greater focus on patients and overhauling the use of digital technologies to create a more unified and connected data lake.

The goal of the Lab of the Future is to drive greater scientific innovation, and ultimately get the right medicines to patients, faster.

However, unlike our Silicon Valley counterparts, we have well known legacy challenges relating to the adoption of new technologies and working practices. Are we as an industry truly ready for digital?

Unlocking the power of complex life science data

The potential benefits of digital transformation include:

  • Faster drug discovery and development
  • Greater insights through machine actionable data
  • Streamlined regulatory approvals
  • Operational excellence in manufacturing

For the life science industry to succeed in its digital transformation journey,

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