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The Digital Lab
The Connected Lab
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Networking Session
Keynote Opening Sessions: The Lab of the Future is Digital
Plenary Sessions
09:15 EST
Marissa Dockendorf, Executive Director, Global Digital Analytics & Technologies, Merck
Dimitris Agrafiotis, VP, Digital, Worldwide Research, Development and Medical, Pfizer

Digital transformation has had significant support amongst our executive leadership. The last 18 months has also seen considerable investment being made in technology, upskilling and processes to ensure our labs are fit for modern biopharma research.

However, we are still facing some fundamental challenges in transitioning to a truly digital and data driven industry. Not least are legacy systems, poor data quality, disconnected datasets, lack of skills and archaic, siloed, working practices.

How are our leaders addressing these important challenges and what lessons have they learnt from their own internal initiatives? More importantly, what advice and guidance can they give us to ensure that our scientists have the tools at their fingertips to allow them to innovate in a digital world.

Networking Coffee Break in Exhibition Area
Networking Session
11:00 EST
Networking Round Tables
Networking Session
11:45 EST

Delegates are invited to join moderated working groups on topical subjects. Round tables are available for in-person attendees only.


Keynote Address: Cross stakeholder collaboration and the emerging science and technologies that will drive innovation in biopharma research
Plenary Sessions
13:00 EST
Sir Mene Pangalos, Executive Vice President & President Biopharmaceuticals R&D, AstraZeneca
Buffet Lunch in the Exhibition Area
Networking Session
13:30 EST
The Digital Lab Track:
The Digital Lab
14:30 EST
Pamela Sepulveda, Director, Digital Strategy, Pfizer
Kristen Ferrara, Global Head of Scientific Informatics; R&D / Vaccines IT and Digital, Takeda
Yves Fomekong Nanfack, Director, Head of Operations Digital Biologics Platform, Sanofi
Sally Madden, Bioinformatics Software Engineer, Genentech
Justin Kenagy, Director, Digital Business Operations, Pfizer

Leading pharmaceutical companies take us through key elements of their research digitalization programs.

How do we transform and maintain systems, data, processes and cross function information architecture to provide a robust information ecosystem that allows us to get more from our data?

Includes exciting new case studies.



The Connected Lab Track
The Connected Lab
14:00 EST
Leah O’Brien, Senior Product Director, Development Lab Systems, GSK
Peter Henstock, ML & AI Technical Lead, Pfizer
Clark Leininger, Lab Workflow & Data Stewardship Client Partner, Pfizer
Cindy Novak, Senior Manager, Lab Computing Systems, Bristol Myers Squibb

The benefits of a fully integrated, automated and connected lab are obvious. They include the ability to remotely perform experiments, decrease the rate of error in reproducibility and increase data security and the overall security of the lab.

How does the modern life science organization implement a connected lab strategy? What are the new technologies underpinning the connected lab and how are they transforming the way science is done? What are the barriers to adoption? What are the analytical tools that we can apply to experimental data to get insights previously unavailable to us?

The Innovation Lab Track:
The Innovation Lab
14:00 EST
Mark Burfoot, VP Senior Partner, Head of Research Procurement, Novartis
Vijay Nair, Director R&D IT - Cell Therapy and Early Clinical Development, Bristol Myers Squibb

What are the new developments in workspace design and what has changed since the pandemic and the resultant changes in working practices?

We also look at novel, cross stake holder research partnerships – how is the science being done? How can the lab of the future be greener and deliver on corporate sustainability goals and targets? What is the new and emerging technology that will truly disrupt the way that we work and innovate?

Live Lab Sessions
Networking Session
17:00 EST
The Live Lab sessions are returning to Lab of the Future Congress.,
Open floor debates with interactive whiteboards encourage the free flow of ideas on delivering the Lab of the Future.,
These sessions lead into the networking drinks reception.,

The Live Lab sessions are returning to Lab of the Future Congress. Open floor debates with interactive whiteboards encourage the free flow of ideas on delivering the Lab of the Future. These sessions lead into the networking drinks reception.

Networking Drinks Reception
Networking Session
17:45 EST

Join for drinks and informal networking

Keynote Addresses:
Plenary Sessions
09:00 EST
Kailash Swarna, Global Head of R&D Digitalization Strategy, Novo Nordisk
Andy Plump, President, Research & Development, Takeda

There can be no greater mission than to achieve better health for our global citizens through innovation in medicine. How can we utilize technology and our internal research capabilities to translate our science into transformative medicines? How can we unify platforms and processes within the Lab of the Future to enable our scientists to deliver on this mission?

Networking Round Tables and Coffee Break in Exhibition Area
Networking Session
10:45 EST
The Digital Lab Track:
The Digital Lab
11:30 EST
Dan Paulson, Senior Enterprise Architect, AstraZeneca
Dom Hebrault, Digitalization Lead, Boehringer Ingelheim
Joseph Pease, Principal Scientific Manager, Genentech
Shoh Asano, Principal Scientist, Pfizer
Robin Brouwer, Digital Lab Capability Leader, AstraZeneca

How do implement and roll out a data-rich experimentation workflow using existing and novel technologies? How can we work together to identify and integrate novel technologies that enables our scientists to bring innovative medicines to patients faster?

The second day of our digital lab workstream will include case studies on multi-stakeholder collaboration, developing a computational infrastructure for digital pathology and cross enterprise digitalization.

The Connected Lab Track:
The Connected Lab
11:30 EST
Allan Ferguson, Director, Scientific Support, MRL IT, Merck
Tammy Muff, Director, Information Technology, Laboratory Computing Services, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Douglas Scheesley, Scientific Leader, GSK
Stuart Wonfor, Senior End to End Capability Service Manager, AstraZeneca
Brendan Faherty, Principal Solutions Architect, Genentech

The second day of our Connected Lab work stream will focus on addressing the operational challenges in creating bring the connected lab to life. How can we give intelligence to laboratory instruments and allows data communication within an organisation? What is the role of the instrument vendors? What is the role of big tech? What early wins are we seeing and what challenges remain?

The Innovation Lab Track:
The Innovation Lab
11:30 EST
Mark McCord-Amasis, VP Real Estate and Facilities , Seagen
Ross Walker, Global Head of Scientific Computing, GSK
Close of Congress
Plenary Sessions
16:15 BST